A Moment Alone

by Maple Hill

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Debut EP from Maple Hill


released September 24, 2014

Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by Damien Cornwell at OnPoint Productions in Binghamton, NY

Produced by St. John Faulkner, Damien Cornwell

Photo (c) Jeffrey Foote

All songs written by Maple Hill & Viktor Lillard

(c) and (p) Maple Hill 2014



all rights reserved


Maple Hill Ithaca, New York

young vibey pop punk band from Ithaca, NY.

Maple Hill is:

Joel Beckwith
St. John Faulkner
Max Gaeta
(Lead Guitar)
Kristian Wood-Gaiger (Vocals, Guitar)
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Track Name: Heartbreak, For Art's Sake
Don't look down. We've got the whole world to lose, and what do we have to show for it? Don't let me down. Pick me up, reconstruct, and we'll get lost in sound. You make me an insomniac, to say the least. I'll show you what it means to me, and how we'll have to choose. Cut my heart on the dotted line, and then we'll go our separate ways, and we'll be just fine in the end. Tell me why this happens again and again. Cut my heart clean in two. I know someday, the same will happen to you. Just remember that love takes two. I don't mean to be pretentious, but I've got better things to do, and I refuse to forge these feelings forever. I thought the walls that you've been building for weeks couldn't keep you from me, but I see that there's just so far that you can go without letting love show. And I'll always remember, "Hello." I'm at the top of my lungs, and I won't dare to exhale, though I can't hold my breath forever. I'm on the tip of my tongue, and I know this feeling too well. Remind me of whatever, whenever you like. I'm sincere to the bone, and there's no place like regret.
Track Name: You'll Make it Out
I can't see your face in this mess. I can't get you out of your lie-stained wedding dress. I know you think that I'm a saint. I know you think that you're the only one to blame. I can't leave you all alone. I can't say that I don't feel the way I felt before. You're not the one I'm looking for. Restless and anxiously he'll shout at the mirror, the perfect indication that you'll make it out. Anyone? Can anyone hear me now? Can anyone see me? I'm sprinting so fast, but I can't out-run my conscience. It's over now.
Track Name: Living For You
Nights full of pain, days are the same. You search the world, and save me the rain. I hurt when I'm behind. I search, but I never find what's keeping you here with me. I love the way you sound, it lifts you off the ground. Maybe it will stay this way, because I'm living for you. And the top gets higher the more that I climb. And I wish that I could leave it all behind, but you. Another day of longing for another night with you. You feed my aspiration, so I know we'll make it through. And I know it doesn't matter where I've been, but it matters where I'm going. It doesn't matter where I came from, it only matters where the hat's hung. And I know that this is home.
Track Name: Well, Well, Well, How the Turntables
I'll dance the night away and try to stop myself from stepping on toes. I'll tell all my secrets that everyone already knows. I was the last one to find out, and the first one to be let down. Someone pinch me now, I think I'm dreaming in sound. I guess I'm running from something that's just going to come back around. When July comes down, will I still be in this town? Now I realize that stupid shit makes me write love songs. And for all my life, I've been screaming out my window. I want to feel anything at all. I guess I got what I wished for. Get your head out of the box that it has grown used to. You're saying put your hands up, and get to a place where you can't see through. Packing boxes and empty shelves have started to fill my view. Though I know it's what you think is best, I don't want to end up like you. I won't apologize for inhaling April, and I'll never breathe it out. This is the first time in my little life that there's something worth singing about. On the west coast the sun will shine, but I will feel frozen in ice that remembers the way that I felt. It seems like a decade ago when the gazebo by the old-folks home never let me feel alone, and I know I'll be fine. Windshield wipers dance to the beat of my childhood, and mock me for the last time.