by Maple Hill

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Debut Album from Maple Hill


released February 5, 2016

Engineered, Mixed, and Mastered by:
Ryan "Rings" Ellery
The Panda Studios, Fremont, CA

Written and Produced by:
Maple Hill

(c) and (p) Maple Hill 2015



all rights reserved


Maple Hill Ithaca, New York

young vibey pop punk band from Ithaca, NY.

Maple Hill is:

Joel Beckwith
St. John Faulkner
Max Gaeta
(Lead Guitar)
Kristian Wood-Gaiger (Vocals, Guitar)
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Track Name: Never Enough
What will it take? What will it take to believe me? I'm not a fake, I'm wide awake when you need me. I see that you're upset with me, and I'm sorry it's been rough. I'm giving this everything I've got, but I guess it's not enough. Don't say this was for nothing, I promise it meant something. I'm holding on to let you know (I hope you know) that none of this was easy. I only hope that you see how hard it was to watch you go. My friends say, "Good riddance," but they didn't even know you. And I can't say that I'm over it, but I'm not sure if I'll miss you. The end was a catastrophe, and I'm sorry it was rough. I gave you everything I had, but I guess that's never enough. You got apologies, I got a finger in my face. And this new perspective will put you in your place. You took advantage of what I gave you. You're just a vulture, and I'm your prey. I'm sick and tired of being broken. And, to be honest, I'm not okay.
Track Name: A Night at Monmouth
So let's kill the stigma, 'cause we're meant for so much more. Start a revolution in hopes of settling the score. I'll hold the starting gun and you'll mark the finish line. Let's end the silence. We've been waiting all this time. We'll finally meet the ones who started it all with the very first song. And now it's our turn, so get up, let's go. Stick with us, 'cause I just can't wait one minute longer. No, I need this now. So let's find a meaning, and stop repeating history. Here's one for dreaming, and moving past just you and me. I'll tell the story if you promise to always stay on top. We'll give it up until we drop. So let's take over the world tonight, in honor of the times we felt alive. Do it for the second-guesses we never made, the risky chances we always take.
Track Name: Jack Blinked
I have to admit that this has been a shitty year. It's kind of messed up that I spent it avoiding tears, but I guess that's what life is all about. This kind of thinking only draws it out, and I just want to get lost in sound. We saw a shooting star on the trailer, scared shitless, in Ellis Hollow. I won't forget that night. And I've been spending these days counting up mistakes, and throwing minutes and weeks down the drain. My Dad said today to, "Put your sights forward. There's no use worrying about things we can't change, and it's useless to try and run or hide from a thing like time." And that's alright, I don't need your fake sympathy. I'd rather stay honest. It's a good thing there are so many next times. We'll steal each others' hearts, and together, that's a perfect crime. It's a good thing we've got nothing to lose now. I want you in my arms, so show me how. It's a good thing we've got this feeling together. We can take on the world. And I am ready to die in your arms tonight, and leave this life behind like I have to after July.
Track Name: Space to Grow
My house is made of glass. I'm just a spectacle for everyone to see. I dangle as a puppet in somebody's fantasy. But I'm still young and green. A bit too green, if you know what I mean. 'Cause I'm good with a back-up plan, but I'm better with a bowl. And all these habits that I seem to have are starting to take their toll. When I was younger, somebody once told me that I still have space to grow. Well now I'm older, and I'm finally starting to see that I won't make it there alone. I'm a ghost writer haunting somebody else's words, 'cause it seems like they're all speaking for me. All I want to do is be uplifting, but all I want to do is go get lifted. I'm conflicted, and it's plain to see. I'm caught in the rat-race of trying to save face. I'm bored and unexalted. All my drunken words are just my sober thoughts, and, "Sorry," will escape me. I've come to believe in everything that I see, because, honestly, nobody cares about honesty. Make me, take me. You can't save me. Watch me as I wander, the gift of growing older.
Track Name: Sometimes I Doubt Your Commitment to Sparkle Motion
I can't stop thinking about the time I pushed you off of the futon. You hit your head so hard, but you just laughed along with the rest of us. Man, that was a funny day. I can still recall your face, trying your hardest not to cry. It was the last summer I spent on foot, and I journeyed through every minute of it. I was falling off, but holding on. And I came out stronger, promising myself to never look down. We spent our time chasing blue gates, and I remember something about a jungle. You liked us, even when we made you piss yourself. And who can say if things would ever be the same if you were still around? But I guess that's how this all worked out. It's not the end of the world. Don't be like Donnie, listen to me. "They made me do it," shouldn't be your excuse. And now I'll never get a chance to spend another summer with the kid I called my best friend, but I know that everything that I've done has happened for a reason. And so I'll say it again, I wish that I could go back in time.
Track Name: Stomping Ground
I know I should have seen that it was coming, but I was young and blind. A new sense of what I need and what I like, 'cause I find ambition and passion much more attractive than playing from my knees. It seems you're always hiding when I'm too tired to seek. I'm redefining what you mean to me. So maybe I'm moving on. The story's filled with empty pages, and I'll be strong in the face of all my demons. And I don't know where I'm going, but that won't stop me from getting there. And since you are the one who thinks that life's so sweet, I hope you get your just desserts, so you can see you lost some things you'll never get back. Make sure to cover your tracks. I'll stay alone, and far from all I used to have. You still think you can make a difference, I see it on your face. Don't hold your breath, 'cause I'm not coming back. This is my stomping ground. I'm setting out to make this right, and I won't be found leaving here without a fight.
Track Name: From Cradle to Grave
It's no surprise she wants to fly, but even if he tried it now, he couldn't face the sky. And while she's on a whole new plane, he's still waiting there at baggage claim, all while his past circles 'round and 'round. It's fight or flight (can't hold on forever), but his wings are tied (can't share emotions held inside). He bides his time as she starts to take off, but he stays there on the ground. We're all searching for a way to change what we have, so it's more like the past. And we're all lost, 'cause what we have isn't what we crave. It's in our nature from cradle to grave. She sees through the way that he's in his mind, questioning why he's better off. So why can't he stop (let go and start things from the top)? Just goes to show that we're creatures of habit, and we stick to what we know.
Track Name: Streetlights
Streetlights shine down on me, and your eyes could sing me to sleep. If I dream away tomorrow, don't forget to say, "Goodbye." This may be the last song you'll be getting from me. Please don't forget me entirely. When you're gone and I'm alone I'll sing this song for the lack of a happier ending. I can hear rain wash away all the mistakes I made. Just wash and let nothing remain, instead of the words that I let fade. And I have a problem with faith. You, of all people, would know that best. But I've come to see my mistakes. My heart beats for you inside my chest. Who could have guessed that I can't forget your voice? Even if I had a choice, I can't forget your voice. November don't go. The regrets will come to me when you're gone. In your absence I will find the snow, in search for another orange dawn. If I could promise that I'd never leave, I'd promise a thousand times again. And I promise I'll always believe. Have faith in the words that you said. Lately I've been waking up dreaming. My eyes cannot believe what they're seeing. There's a corner in my head that I backed myself into: always wanting more. I'm a mess, and I see through all the trivialities. Every night I fall asleep questioning reality.
Track Name: All I Dream About
Where am I? I'm smiling at faces in memories in my mind. Love is blind, repetition is perpetual. I don't know if it's natural, but I learned a lesson tonight. I guess everyone has their time to reflect on the life they've led. And I know that this is mine, but I'm in over my head. Read my mind. Stare into my eyes and the world stops turning. Slow down fast. I won't let it haunt me, but I didn't want that summer to be our last. Well I know you're meant for bigger things, got to bust out and finally spread your wings. You left home behind for international dreams, better chase 'em. Want to be independent? Well that's fine, I know that you're going to be alright, but I'm falling apart. We're talking again, and I can't get the thought of you out of my head. (I'm in too deep) I'm running and crashing and falling (take hold of me), when all I needed was release. Just don't shut me out, let me live. You've given me all that you have to give, and this is the strongest I've ever felt about anything. Now I sit and I sing, "You listen close, 'cause these words have a heavy dose of regret." Cayuga don't forget, just don't forget. It's all I dream about.
Track Name: Argyle
You can call me a runaway, but I'm just taking it day by day. Losing grip as the seasons change. Fall away, just fall away. I'll fall away, and I won't regret the things I used to say, with no more shame. It's time for a change of pace now. There's things I can't erase now. Come help me out, 'cause until now I've done it by myself. And after everything, at least I still have my health. I've been broken down, and I've been burnt out, but you make that feel so far away. So I'll let you take the lead this time, to show me everything will be alright. Because if there's hope for guys like me, then maybe there's a chance that I can finally forget about the past, and just believe. Break away, this time's no different. I'm headstrong, and I can feel it. The old me needs some policing? Well, that's not my jurisdiction. I'm calling out the ones that brought me down. Please stick around, 'cause thanks to you, I'm so much better now. Back against the wall, I was about to fall. And I don't know what to do. No, I don't have a clue this time. Standing here alone, I'm shaken to the bone. I'll try to find another way. I hope I find a way to thank you someday, but at least for now, it seems like things will finally go my way.